Legoland 7-1-

Lego Exhibit 5

Legoland 8-1-

Lego Exhibit 7

Legoland 9-1-

Lego Exhibit 6

Legoland 12-1-

Lego Capital

Legoland 14-1-
Legoland 15-1-
Legoland 16-1-

Tower Bridge

Legoland 17-1-

Air Port

Legoland 18-1-

Eye of London, world famous ride

Legoland 19-1-

Air Loading Terminal

Legoland 27-1-

Lego Skyline Exhibit

Legoland 111 w-1-

Lego White House

Legoland big ben-1-

Big Ben

Legoland buck-1-

Buckingham Palace

Here in the Lego City side, we have many city exhibits for you to see here in legoland.


Lego Exhibit 1


Lego Exhibit 3

Legoland 6-1-

Lego Exhibit 4


Lego Exhibit 2

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